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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 9, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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being with us! [ crowd cheering ] plasplau
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and the morning of this thursday october 9, 2012 retaking alive live from
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our rubicam. watching the weather here as it continues to develop its cooler and cooler by the day. will it the latest of a forecast of air coming up but we do want to begin with the latest on
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the pain on the pump. the price and telephone has inched up another opinion e w-1showers to the bay area. right now we do have some costa fault to conteting in the '50s. in the afternoon hours will see a mix of sun and clouds we do have the potential for some wet weather. for those of us will be dried looks like temperatures could climb into the low seventies and as we transition into the evening hours mostly cloudy conditions. we still have that potential for wet weather. here's a look at your current conditions step in and out the door 58 right now in downtown san francisco 57 like in of an oakland. concord at 53 degrees. by 3:00 p.m. and again only contending with 2: schussing at green yellow on your screen. that green represents '60s to the heart of the bay 74 and an area's portions of the south and north bay as well. for and as we pushed the clock
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and to the evening hours check out atm of the blue stars to fill in indicating where we will see those fifties. some expect to reconditions into the evening hours, you may need a jacket. upper 60s low seventies in the south bank. the 70 over and sign them
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could climb to the mid '70s for antioch. 70 over and concord. castro valley mostly sunny conditions temperatures in the mid '60s. as we focus our attention of a north bay pretty comfortable conditions. 65 for downtown san francisco. that's take a look at your satellite and radar. you could see us. so we cp coming down the shore
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freeway of that green represents speeds over 50 mi. per hour as we take that right for you you will see no problem. 62 mi. an hour, 63 mi. per hour. no problems whatsoever a drive of about 15 minutes out of berkeley heading to san francisco. james >> thank you erica lesson to hours from now on jerry sandusky will learn his will take the witness stand when he begins at 6:00 this morning. sandusky is the former penn state football coach convicted of molesting 10 boys. sandusky least a recorded statement from his
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jail cell yesterday claiming he did not do what he called " these alleged disgusting acts. sandusky is expected to talk at this morning's hearing so we will be waiting for his words. he was found guilty of sexually abusing 10 boys over a period of 15 years. and will also have legal expert to srreste each for the event.
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rev up support with the election just around a corner. >> my opponent governor romney economic plan is a $500-a5 trillion dollar tax cut >> in this tax cuts would include the 1% he promised this. but most of the economist who question numbers said governor on
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>> the good news is what the a's and will be planned next three games at home as they try and knock off the detroit tigers. first pitch is at 6: 07. the giants will try to keep their playoff lives in cincinnati as well as the cincinnati reds have a 2-0 series lead into game 3. first pitch today in cincinnati will be at 2: 37. it's san francisco this see a gain for the manager says that last canterbury zito will it the start. >> let's turn our to to the market's quick look at the stocks. stocks-to close floor on wall street. no big
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surprise. his look at the numbers. tracking down the stocks were worries over forecasted corporate earnings. and slow growth in asia. the dow and the nasdaq both down more than 20 points. a s m p was downed over just five points. the sea eagle of american airlines acknowledges that passengers have had a rough operation performance is improving the airline will get past this rough spot. this rough spots includes a rash of passenger seats that have come loose off the floor. it has on four separate flights than one
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has been under bankruptcy protection since december. the airline has cut flights as well and had a reserve crews and extra planes to cover a last minute to size. alaska airlines says its computer connections have been restored and operations have returned to normal. the problem call the airlines to cancel 78 flights affecting morning. lines at airports, as the airline could not put anyone on board except by using hand written paper work. who will take a break now and 4: 12 we have much more straight ahead will be back with more in just ahead.
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is the weather does on to be the real for us today a possibility of showers as it the latest on that. >> good morning james we do have the potential for what whether it looks like the system we are tracking could impact san francisco and all the communities to our south. the rain we do see will be pretty spotty at whole lot of moisture out of
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the system you can expect temperatures very similar to what the science today in the upper 50s along the coastline climbing to the low seventies for some of your more inland areas. temperatures still falling below the seasonal average. you will continue with a pretty quiet weather pattern of clouds conditions and cooler temperatures as we transition to the rest of the work week so full details coming up on that my next report. cussed taken out to satellite radio we to have a lot of cloud cover affecting the peninsula the coastline. we are seeing for novato. just over a mile
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for those of you driving a brown and napa. he's pretty foggy out there in the north that certainly be aware of that and be mindful of the cars in front of you. again we will see a mix of sun and clouds. again temperatures in the upper 60s low seventies in the south bay's 70 for sunday fell 72 expected in campbesunn6c coming out of marin county. no props for the east shore freeway southbound 68 0 c. looks good coming out of walnut creek. interstate 280
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moves well between san jose and cupertino. issues with visibility i have checked with the c h p no accidents to report in fact that drive running at 23 minutes out of novato and to the city. james >> not to the latest on the meningitis out break have affected thousand up across the country. we now know how received those recalled shots. the state is in touch with the four facilities that receive the so-called medications. 13,000 people have been infected or at least receive those steroids to nine people have died and more than 100 others have been sickened. none of the deaths have occurred in california. the shots were used to treat pain in your back, shoulders, and niece. in a pharmacy in
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massachusetts. federal health officials say many of the cases have some mild and some people have had strokes. >> now the latest on the murder of a ret retired bay area teacher. the victim husband called a neighbor when--and never found her on the floor of her home on resp weekendo memory. at least 200 people showed up to this of. some of them are friends with susie akoe. her friends could not leave something
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like that had happened to their friend susie. >> she was a beautiful beautiful lady. so nice and everything. . >> out here you concede the candles that have been lit and the flowers that have been set up a number of family members out here. happy with the showing of people. around 200 people have made their way out of to remember the victims. j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> more on the investigation of the murder of susie koe. >> early monday morning a team of fbi crime investigators have set up in front of thekoe family home.
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authorities said that they are hoping these agents with their sophisticated equipment will provide the least they need right now. this is hercules police spoke asperse officer connie van plan. >> we are continually looking for the possibility --it was a stock swap of some kind.
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>> still ahead on the kron for morning news jerry sandusky will be sentenced today and now he is speaking out from prison. it will really have to say coming up.
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>> convicted pedophile jerry sandusky will learn his fate today. the former coach is scheduled to be the final speaker of his sentence and hearing tomorrow--today.
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more on what he had to say. >> jerry sandusky convicted of june in of sexually abusing two boys over 15 years. maintains his innocence in on your
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statement to penn state radio. they cannot take away my life the country into mostar but they can't equimark. >> and my heart i know i did not do these alleged grand conspiracy which his lawyers continue to play out in the court. which involved 10 the young men, a janitor. the press, lawyers and everyone else was involved. this just did not happen that way. >> i am entering spencer reported. >> at 815 a legal expert will be joining us. and the sentencing that we expect happen sometime in the 6:00 hour. >> on other headlines neighborhood watch volunteer
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george zimmerman is asking for a delay a trial is charged with second-degree make murder shooting death of trade bond martin. the defense wants marcus school records to be released. we will take a break it is 4: 27 still had on the kron for a morning news gas prices continued to rise. we will let you know how much
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>> here is a live look from armed cam this morning it does not look bad let's get
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the official word. >> good morning james we have some instances of patchy low clouds of some of our north pay bally's hugging the coast line as well. off to some high clouds out there could conditions for the most part is we take a live look for mount tam this morning. down a chilly start to the morning to afford is reported for santa rosa, hour as we focus our attention on your afternoon highs neighbor would by neighborhood. palo alto at 69 degrees, 72 cupertino. the new satellite and ready of the show we are tracking a system spinning closer and closer to the bay area. again this is a 20 percent chance for rain. pretty spotty at best light showers . in your kron 47 day of around the
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bank highlights not much changed in the forecast of the next couple of days. conditions on the cool side a pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine. we start to turn the corner saturday into monday. temperatures will finally begin below 84 your warmest in on areas. taken over to the traffic center again in the hot spots. here's a quick look at some of the bridges. starting with the approach bay bridge plaza no metering lights. we are seeing top speeds of the incline and approaching a treasure island. from san mateo bridge traffic moves well in both directions of highway 92. again no issue southdown 101 golden gate bridge. we do have problems with visibility beckham around
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novato. no accidents to report isn't sailing coming into san francisco. chains >> thank you erika it is 4: 32 let's talk a little bit about gas prices. they have gone up in the last week. just overnight regular gas in california jumped a penny it is now for dollars and 67¢. a near 50 jump--$4.67. the averages for dollars and 73¢ an oakland and in san jose. -- $4.73. there is an
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arco station on mission street sickles $4.51 on cesar chavez gas for $4.55. some cheaper than the average you may have to find it. now there could be some relief in sight yesterday we told you that the auditor jerry brown has directed the california air force to produce winter wind gasoline. it is less expensive. it is not as environmentally safe the point is we need to save some money. it is typically available only after october 31st. the governor moved that date up hopefully it will reduce the payout at the pope. in color and indicating that we are paying the highest in
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the country and give our average price is more than $4.40 per gallon. $5.89 at a station in big sur the state's louis is the vendor bridge air force base about $4.15. more headlines park rangers at yosemite are searching for an employee who failed to show up for work. jessica garcia was last seen on october 6th by a colleague following
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orientation. garcia is describes as a 23 year-old hispanic woman who was last seen wearing her work uniform to a green polo shirt black slacks and black loafers. please contact using the poor is on 911 if you have information. >> not on to politics as talk of presidential politics. we do have the entire state the last couple of days. this trip to san francisco marks his third trip to the city by the bay. the presidt 600ioc >> mitt romney 12 by 8 points last month between then and now we have the presidential debate. 67 percent backers support him strongly. for the first time mitt romney draws as much strong support as does president obama. former president bill clinton will appear at a rally at uc davis. an independent panel
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review the state's political boundaries making some of the more competitive and bringing new attention and money to california. political parties across state meanwhile are targeting america's newest citizens. it's a small block of one that can be substantial enough to make a difference in presidential
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states. a study of census data is finds that 7.8s to and to digital 4.2. at 4: 38 will take a quick break.
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>> of the athletics and the giants are facing --there
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will try and knock off the detroit tigers. the athletics must win against detroit. game time is 6: 07. i heard a lot of the fans are trying to and signed petitions to get the coverage of the upper deck seats to the cannes film another 10,000. >> the cincinnati reds have the 2-0 series lead going into game 3. if the giants live to see a game for then rights obvious mark on at both issued statements defending themselves also
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pledging to work with the cp uc. the services have come under criticism from local taxi drivers who said the company's on regulated and take away potential customers from them. researchers in norway say electric cars may not be better for the environment. a report in the journal of apology say factories that make electric cars can admit more toxic waste in conventional factors. scientists say the production phase is a lot more chemicals. the name makes it to the big picture if the power comes from low carbon sources. we would take a break 4: 43 still ahead today will be a big day for the skydiver you see on the screen he is said to attempt to break a world record details on his jump coming up
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>> today skydivers going to
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make a free-fall record with nothing but a helmet, a spacesuit and a parachute. >> inside mission control in anticipation raw nerves, intense focus. we get special access as part tossed a technical analyst does his final preparations for a historical journal. >> is pretty exciting. everyone is in place. we have tested all the e mission even the jumpers by the size will be on display.
4:47 am
after five years of preparation to test jobs and various delays called time on tuesday morning is at hand. the jumper and austria skydiver will attempt lowest ever free-fall from 120,000 ft. above the earth's surface. free-fall itself will be about from 115,000 ft. in its parachute would deploy about 5,000 ft. up. the jumper will also attempt to break the speed of sound going 690 mi. per hour or in his pressure suit, a helmet and a parachute. no one has ever done that outside of a vehicle. we've covered this mission for the two years. when i spoke to the jumper he discussed of focus it would have to be at all times on his bearings and his instruments. >> if the something you will regret not necessarily have a philosophical moment. yes >> are you doing it. >> there's just so many things going on you have to remember all the procedures. you know you're really in a hostile and violent. you
4:48 am
cannot think about anything else. you have to be focused and not on anything else or you will die. >> i'm delighted he will do occur. he will do a great job. >> that will be exciting we understand the job will happen during our 8:00 hour. he has about 43 different camera streaming live strapped to him. we will try to bring you some of that
4:49 am
footage as he tries to break history. nasa officials say rover has made its first school of the surface of mars can detect a bright object on the ground. officials said they suspect the object may be part of the sixth wheel were over but they will not go any more until they figure out ack clouds bute curiosity honestly that's only impacting the coastline that some of our north bay delis. upper 40's right now for santa rosa nevada waking up to 57 in downtown san francisco 54 out the door and redwood city. four shows
4:50 am
in terms of the 2 in. by 3:00 p.m. to colors indicating '60s and '70s around the bay and as we pushed to the evening hours will be a chilly evening 8:00 p.m. we're talking fifties across the board. you certainly need a jacket wrecking down your afternoon highs by three or 4:00 p.m.. upper 60s in fact similar c communiti3 the delta appears 5 san leandro. 66 in hayward. most of sunny conditions upper 60s for novato. petaluma 65 for downtown to a francisco and the upper 50s for daly city. taking it to satellite and radar into the low pressure system spinning closer and closer towards the bay area only looking at a 20 percent chance for rain. i think this system will only impact offshore waters and again it's moving to our south so we do have a slight potential ford scattered showers here or there. i
4:51 am
think we will just be contending with some clouds again temperatures are below the seasonal average. with carrot a potential for rainfall as we head into tomorrow as well. and your kron 47 day of around the bay highlights not much change in the temperatures would fall to a pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine and looks over the sao bridge south and west on traffic moving. the golden
4:52 am
gate bridge and live look shows they are reconfiguring lange's lawyer southbound commute. southbound traffic those headlights you concede moving at the limit. again
4:53 am
you may run into some issues with visibility around 37101 interchange of in that we are accepted free coming of the north bay. thank you erica >> the united nations said its 2009 and often that 1 billion people around the world will hungry is slightly off target. it's like 870 million flaw says the economy--china's recession is one of the reasons for the decline. we are waiting for jerry
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>> one hollywood marriage begins as another in san and hbo star as a of a project to her list. >> jack osborn if lisa stella became mr. and mrs. in a hawaiian wedding ceremony. according to hello magazine the former realities car chase while 48 friends and family members. the to welcome their first sex and everything to eating with her trademark wit. >> it is 4: 56 let's get a quick look at storm trochophore we do have temperatures today that will be on the mild side as you
4:57 am
concede about 75 in endicott. everywhere else will be cooler than that. and glancing at the radar on star tracker for where we do have some moisture offshore, to we did that is a good question pyriform now the chances about 20% at the meeting later today. election of african up bay that time for you. still ahead on the news we will update you on gas prices they continue to store around the bay area and throughout the state you may be surprised how much i+ by the numbers to have that for you. president obama still in the bay area this morning though he is scheduled to take off for more campaigning in the midwest
4:58 am
will talk more about what he did last night and what--new details on that meningitis outbreak we now know how many people in california may be infected will tell you those numbers in just one minute.
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>> president obama said to leave san francisco this morning kron 4 is will trend will have a live report straight ahead. and a live look from alfonse pennsylvania less than an hour away from c jerry sandusky learned the state depends state's sex abuse scandal. today to be the last day of baseball around the bay as both teams face elimination will have more on what we can expect today. person skidded check of weather and traffic will begin with whether. >> good morning james right now we are contending with some low clouds and temperatures a little cooler compared to what we afternoon a mix of sun and clouds. we are tracking system that still sitting offshore i think it will stay there a lot of that system actually shifting to our south. we do have the potential for wet
5:01 am
weather in the bay area but it looks like posey contending with the clouds. afternoon highs coming up and just did. at 5:00 is time for checks on the morning commute with george. >> quick commune shows conditions are good around the bay looking at like traffic. the stock with the bay bridge west brown back up for delay. east freeways and highways for pretty light. so was the ride to the south bay and on the peninsula and the north bay as well. >> thanks george president obama is set to leave san francisco this morning the president held three fund- raisers in the city during his trip to the bay area. kron 4 will strain on us live. good morning doria >> the president will be escorted from the international hotel to s f o a will be going to ohio. he
5:02 am
is leaving this place with $4 million with his 12th visit to san francisco is obviously here to get cash as well as boats. he was at the bill graham's civic auditorium many stops along the way he talked about three of them. one was for $40,000 to sit down with him another $20,000 and for 6000 people they paid $200 to hear him talk about why he believes he should get another four years. meanwhile there were people outside of the auditorium chanting four more weeks being that 4 more weeks until the election. they hope that he is voted out of office. this the first time that president obama overall coin some research studies, is actually traveling mitt romney. he is fighting for votes for some key swing states like colorado. in his neck and neck in those states and obviously he wants to win all of the state and as much as he possibly can. ohio is a key state which is why he is leading here to go to that place. no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio first.
5:03 am
we will monitor the traffic situation which will be tough once people get up and move through downtown san francisco as well as and will cover his departure. >> what is his-that she
5:04 am
should leave here around 9. after that he is escorted to s f o which should take about 15 to 20 minutes while that happens traffic will be really tough. you can see how hard it is now. this is howard which is obviously a very busy street no cars allowed to go through the air force to make a left > w talk more about what the president did while he was in town this is his 12th visit to sentences go. last night's dinner sod 100 people will pay 20 grant each to have dinner with the president at the bill crammed auditorium. again he walked out on stage he was cheered loudly by about 6000 supporters. he used themlo for almost two years now. no-no don't boo boat! he stood up on stage during one of the primary debates probably promised that he
5:05 am
that his tax cut would include the top one percent he promised this. but most of the economist who crunched the numbers said governor romney plan rather blow up the deficit or raise taxes for the middle-class. it's one or the other that is our arithmetic works. >> of the president has been written earlier is set to head to s f o brown 9 p a in this morning with a takeoff schedule of all around 9: 25. in less than one hour from now jerry sandusky will learn his fate he will be sentenced today. a live look here is forcing the shot
5:06 am
73 years. >> the young man who is dramatic the veteran accuser who always sought attention started everything. he was drawn by a well orchestrated effort of the media: investigators to the system in state psychologists and other accusers. they want i've wondered what they really want. financial gain, a prestige of a temporary. >> stay with kron 4 will bring you the latest from the hearing this morning at 6:00 we will have live updates as that hearing gets underway. if there at 8: 15 kron for legal expert jim hammer will join us on set and will talk about the the bay area over night they went up again. in our status by one penny to on the california average is $4.67
5:07 am
which is 50¢ more than we were paying one week ago. in san francisco for about 73¢ is the average in san jose the evidence $4.67. meanwhile the national average is $3.81 per gallon is like another world. you have a live report on what our state is attempting to do to bring prices down and more on the price she pays around the bay area. >> the stock sports here today far to say it could be the last day of baseball here on the bay area both the final three games as they try and knock out the detroit tigers. game * around 6: 07. the giants are a way to try to keep their playoff hopes alive. in cincinnati has the
5:08 am
lead. the first pitch is at 2: 37 this afternoon if san francisco live to see can for the the manager says barry zito will start that game. more on that to come. we will
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>> third quarter earnings kicks off today . alcoa will
5:12 am
post a break even quarter down from the last caller. kfc talk of bell and pizza hut will also be reporting their earnings to pay. >> still ahead of a judge rules whether not to suspend hearings for the deadly pg&e explosions. we will take a look at trafficking whether we come right back. i don't spend money
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panama the latest on the meningitis outbreak. state
5:16 am
health officials say about 600 patients received the recall of shots. that medication was given out by four different facilities. 13,000 people received shots, nine of them have died and more than a hundred others have been second. none of the deaths were in california. this password used to train pain and the neck and needsk-andnee bknees >> it looks like fellow pressure system we're
5:17 am
tracking will start to move south. it is spinning toward us. we could be seen at eight to 20 percent chance of protest prote--precipitationf moon bay is an upper '40's 57 in hayward and 53 in mountain view. future task
5:18 am
force should this afternoon highs '60s throughout the heart of the bay the peninsula and the coast line. a chilly evening in store, by 8:00 p.m. we will see pre much everyone sitting in the '50s. similar conditions to what we saw yesterday's upper 60s and low 70's. 72 for cupertino 68 from mount deal. mid-70s this system slowly approaching the coast line. it looks pretty ominous but most of that activity will stay off shore. a 10 to 20 percent chance for the bay area so you may want to
5:19 am
keep an umbrella handy. >> we're not tracking any hot spots or major delays.
5:20 am
westbound ride looks good, no delays coming in from the macarthur mace. for '92 the san mateo bridge is a smooth ride. no delays with an 11 minute drive time across the span. the golden gate bridge is also an easy drive. the drive on 880 westbound commute hercules to berkeley looks good. they're no delays coming from the 680 to has puc to suspend public hearings over the pg and he blasts--pg &e. the hearings are going to be held behind closed doors. and newcomers will be had on the october 15th to fight the suspension and keep those hearings public. san francisco supervisors will decide whether not to
5:21 am
permanently remove the share from office. he pled guilty to false imprisonment misdemeanor charges on new year's eve. he is on probation and also has to go to domestic violence counseling. he is found guilty of committing of official misconduct. >> cease and desist letters were sent to site car and left. both companies offered a ride share businesses. they stated on their website that they defended their business practices. their services have come under criticism from taxicab
5:22 am
drivers who say that their business is unregulated. a similar letter was sent in 2010 to hoover that of demand ct company's top operating today. settlement comes after 2008 audit found they were
5:23 am
filling to pay death benefits--failing. the company agreed to adopt reforms to ensure the payment of the benefits were made properly in the future. >> a cleanup effort outside oakland city hall after a protest march turned into of vandalism. sunday night was in the incident occurred. shattered glass was fixed as well as broken doors. some windows, what sense does that make. this goes to show you oakland cannot keep anything. >> they are criminals that do that. they integrate
5:24 am
are protesting and i think has an excellent message. they do that because they're cowards and
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north korea is warning that the united states mainland is and its range of four missiles. the united.... now lin north korea is boosting its military preparedness. >> the united nations says that is 2009 assessment that a billion people in the world were hungry was off target a little bit. the actual number is more like 870 million. they blame poor data for the wrong projection. they're now
5:28 am
using a more accurate parameters to a >> we will be packed with an and the moment-to-be back in a moment
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5:30 am
5:31 am
>> still a good ride at the san mateo bridge, no delays there. the traffic is building up on interstate 580 coming from tracy. i would vorster antioch and the westbound direction is still looking at light traffic. we're problem free on the peninsula as well as the south bay. >> the latest at bell fun
5:32 am
pennsylvania just a half- hour jerry sandusky will be in a courtroom to learn the fate of his sentence in. as many as half a dozen victims will be taking the witness stand starting at 6 this morning our time. the former penn state football coach at has been convicted of molesting 10 boars. there are 373 years is what he's facing in prison. the record a statement from his jail cell claims he did not do these alleged disgusting acts. sandusky is expected to speak again this morning in the courtroom during his hearing. in june he was found guilty of sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 year. . their 45 to 48 counts against him. you also talk about this with our legal expert and a bed. >> gas prices increase
5:33 am
another penny across the state. the average price for a gallon of gas is about $4.67 a gallon. >> it only feels like $6 a gallon james it's not quite there yet. california right now has the highest gas in the country. it is by 20¢. a little bit of good news, and the last three minutes a gas station attendant he about $4.70. san francisco says at $4.73 in san jose is at $4.67. a couple of developments of last couple of days governor jerry brown has issued an order to get
5:34 am
the winter blend that normally comes on line around october 31st into the system of lot sooner. also both of our senators have ordered separate
5:35 am
investigations into all of this. one in to the doj the department of justice and the other to the federal trade commission hoping to get to the bottom of why these gas prices have spikes so violently and quickly. it is very painful at the pond and that is not going to help anyone that has to buy gas. ---pump. >> hopefully that at some point will move down. >> a retired school teacher mother for was killed and the people showed up to remember her. >> it is just terrific that they could even come in. she i was a neighbor who founder on the floor and her home. her husband worked in idaho during the week and came home on the weekends. >> bush's decision 2012 president obama is waking up this morning in california.
5:36 am
5:37 am
yesterday he had three events in san francisco. he met with about zero hundred people that each paid $20,000 to have dinner with him. then there was a concert for 6000 supporters. it is believe that people than $4 million yesterday along. we will bring his departure to be alive at 9:00 hour. he is now headingercl swing states and
5:38 am
competitive congressional races. a study finds that nationwide 7.8 million people of voting age or naturalize since 2000. 3.6 percent of all voters. the vice-presidential debate is coming up on thursday and the next presidential debate is set for october 16th in new york. he to watch both of them hundred 247 newsom wea >> still ahead at apple responds to more complaints from iphone five customers and we will find out what they're doing as a result. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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apple is responding to complaints by iphone 5 users. there are flairs showing up on photos taken on the phone. the flare happens to many smart phone pictures if they're taken near and lite service--a light source. that flare is happening in situations where there is not bright light even in the frame. >> still ahead is anyone
5:42 am
holding out hope for a bay bridge world series? i have more on the do-or-die games for the athletics and the giants coming up.
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>> this was his 12th trip to san francisco. will tran is gone to keep us updated on the president this morning. terry sandusky will learn his fate this morning. at his hearing is about to get underway. this is a video that we have of sandusky. we do know that he and his wife had just arrived. prosecutors say as many as half a dozen victims will be on the witness stand when
5:46 am
this gets underway at 6:00 this morning. sandusky is the former penn state coach and was convicted of molesting 10 boys. midline gas prices are gas prices are still high. >> nasa officials say the carry acidy rover has been
5:47 am
detected something on the ground. it may be part of the six weald rover but they're still trying to figure out what it is. it suggests a fast-moving streams may have been moving on the planet. rover is on a two-year mission to explore the planet. >> here's our mount tam cam you can see cars moving in nfl re l i think we would just the clouds into the afternoon with patchy clouds and to the north bay. our satellite and radar picture showing that it is approaching the coast line and it is pretty impressive. we could see some spotty showers along the coast and
5:48 am
our no. bay area's but a lot of the system is pushing south. temperatures into the afternoon around 3 or 4:00 p.m. uppers' '60s and '70s. it looks very similar to what we saw yesterday. there'll be a mix of sun and clothes for the next couple of days. we have another chance for rain as we head into tomorrow night. another cold front could push through and we will see some sprinkles on friday as well. morning fog and afternoon sunshine as a pattern. by afternoon we could see some low 80s and land. upper 60s for the coast but more in a way of sunshine as we start the next workweek.
5:49 am
>> we're still looking at a good writer on the bay area. the bay bridge toll plaza is starting to slow down. the meeting sites have not yet been activated. the san mateo bridge to still delay in problem free across the span. the golden gate bridge tries still looks good. they have finished the configuration of the bridge and there are four lines of available and the commute direction. there's some slowing just past the sfo in the 1 01 northbound direction. it is just past the 380 interchange. the law showing up on the maps as because of construction that
5:50 am
has not yet been picked up. that should be about 6:00 or in the next 10 minutes of the curve should be out of their with the three left lanes open back up. this still an 18 minute drive from on the creek to dublin. at 16 minutes from the 1 01 northbound to the capitol expressway. the marin write a still uneasy one from the one on one southbound it is under 25 minutes from nevada to the golden gate bridge. >> to as coming in as a video of jerry sandusky are arriving this m+ int hearing. he a shackled and his prison uniform. his wife arrived separately and we do know that they're supposed to be at least half a dozen victims coming to the stand during this hearing before his sentence. and they will talk about a were victimized and what it did to them and their families. there's an almost delusional audio to listen to the families.
5:51 am
he was calling them into question. that would get underway in about 10 minutes. >> other stories that we're watching bay area baseball. at the giants need to win in cincinnati or it's all over. that'll be to 30 7:00 p.m. our time. >> to have done a great job all year bouncing back . we
5:52 am
are trying to keep fighting. there's no choice in the us so we have to keep our heads up and be ready to go. >> used a hungry in stay humble. each of skiplane the way you've been playing. that is what counts in this series. >> the athletics are also facing elimination. the game starts at 6 of 7:00 p.m. tonight--6:07pm >> this team has hanover city. >> i'm the voice said this tenor 15 that sounds like there's 30. lennox's pl of will be wearing a pair should of course. they are
5:53 am
on a when hold right now-- wind. if he succeeds he will be the first skydiver to break the sound barrier. we will watch and see if they can get this capsule off the ground but right now the winds are just too strong. >> height have a not so conventional cookoff will tell you what it is when we return.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> a cookoff in arkansas is any natural attention as they are trying to cut off the best squirrel. and i'm sure how to say that as you eat your breakfast. it is a champion scroll cookoff. the primary meet of course has to be squirrele l. the travel
5:57 am
channel got a hold of ahead and ran with it. the winning-this year was by two brothers. the winning dish was scoreless lighters-- squirrel sliders. >> gas prices remain high throughout the bay area today and jackie sissel will have the report life about how the prices have jumped just last week. never be details on present obama
5:58 am
departure when the kron4 news continues.
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